Digital billboards

Chin up, for community

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is the digitized versions of OOH advertising - which in short summed up all the physical advertising you see outside of your home. Now that's everything from posters, buses, billboards and a myriad of other options for sharing your brand and value proposition. Which, if you're business is local, is essential set and forget marketing - even in this crazy digital world we have in our hand.

Giggle offers a unique advertising space, with 1300+ screens across New Zealand. They're located in premises that have a lot of foot traffic and long waiting times. A mix of dad jokes and great brand awareness adverts for local businesses. You can read more about the insights here.

Promoting local causes to help those in need, local events for economic benefit, and awareness of history, and great businesses who support the epicness of South Canterbury.

I for one can not stand the doom and gloom of the news, morons in comment sections, bullying and discrimination online. My life purpose is positive impact for our community and environment. I wish for a better world for our future generations and it has to start with us.

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