Branded Kiwi Group has you covered for everything from your ideas to success.

Got a great idea and some money to spend? That's all it takes!

With eight good bastards in the same space being creative and producing cool stuff, it's a great business and culture to work with. 

Branded Kiwi is locally owned, and operated - with a team wide growth mindset. Sean's big hairy audacious goal is to own a helicopter, with a not so big but still hairy and audacious goal of getting a license to fly it first. Our team of eight are all working hard to make that happen - because lets face it - who doesn't want their mate to get a helicopter?

Large mural prints to brighten up your day, or safety signs reminding someone not to do that again. And your own personal billboards: your buildings, vehicles, and your staff uniforms are easily taken care of at our epic workshop. Think google offices, but in Washdyke. We have Foosball and a flat Rugby ball should you want to challenge us for a discount. 

When you're on the road in your newly sign written vehicle you might need a website and some business cards so you can leave a longer lasting impression on your new best mate you just met grabbing lunch, we've got you covered for that too.


You're probably wondering if I forgot to mention some things, and you'd be right.

Existing relationships and a lot of effort put in by Jamie and Sean to create an ordering portal for customers enables access to those relationships. is also owned by Sean, and built by Jamie. An online apparel and PPE catalogue.

As Sean jumped on opportunities beyond signage - i.e., the design and websites services. Uniforms, and PPE were seen as another essential offering.


With the help of some friends, we can bring it all together. And we appreciate the support as Branded Kiwi finds it's wings.

With the rise of AI and regurgitated copy I am a true believer in being your true self. If you have been reading through the page it's fairly obvious this has all come straight from me and not some made up rubbish to sell anything. Be awesome, be yourself.

Check out for more, or flick me an email any time on


Also, this website was not made by Branded Kiwi, it's my play time teaching myself new things. Google may think it's a crap website but she'll be right, mate.

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Our wide range of products includes the latest and most innovative accessories from top brands in the industry.
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